Online tickets

No sense to stand in line?
On this page you can buy online tickets for Dé Hollandse Motorbeurs. If you do not feel like standing in line for the checkout, this is the way to get in quickly. With your e-ticket you can go directly to the access control!

How it works
The online purchase of tickets is very simple, start below at "Ordering online tickets" and follow the steps. Keep your bank details and card + identifier or credit card at hand.

Ticket printing or via your mobile phone
At the end and after payment you can print the ticket (s) on your own printer, this is your ticket so keep it safe.
It is also possible to scan your ticket on the mobile phone. Download the ticket and make the barcode visible in the screen so that it can be scanned directly.

All e-tickets are provided with a unique bar code that is scanned at the entrance. If your barcode has been scanned once, it has been registered in the system and the admission ticket will expire. Copying does not make any sense.

For questions, comments and/or complaints about online tickets, please contact Eventix

Ordering online tickets